Oh How Lovely have put together a useful guide to jewellery storage

Here at Oh How Lovely costume jewellery we want you to be happy with your purchases keeping your jewellery as fabulous as when you bought it.

Tarnishing is mainly due to sweat and products like hairspray and perfume. There are ways to minimise tarnishing and we have listed some of them below.
Put your perfume on and let it dry before you put on your jewellery
If you don't, perfumes and lotions can affect crystals and the metal by coating them causing them to loose their sparkle, and appear dull.

Polish with a soft cloth and keep stored preferably in their own bags this will minimise tangling and pulling which adds unnecessary strains on links.

Store out of extremes of temperature
as we don't like extreme of hot and cold neither does your jewellery.

Never use abrasive jewellery cleaners

Make sure the jewellery is the last thing on
to minimise snagging of clothing and damaging your jewellery.

Avoid contact with water

All items are imitation jewellery unless otherwise stated.


Costume jewellery may tarnish and look dull in time, especially metal based jewellery. Time for discolouration will depend on its use and the environment in which they are worn or stored. We are unable to credit you for goods that have discoloured.


For hygiene reasons we do not accept returns on earrings.

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