When you host an “Oh How Lovely” jewellery party in your home, it’s a great opportunity to meet your friends and get them to bring their friends along as well! Having an “Oh How Lovely” party is easy to do and you’ll have a lot of fun whilst earning lots of sparkles along the way.  Some top tips for hosting a successful party.


Who should I invite and how many?
Make a list of everyone you know – friends, relatives, neighbours, work colleagues and invite them (verbally).  Always ask twice as many people as you would like on the night as some may postpone at the last minute!  You could always encourage friends to bring their friends along too.

There’s always friends who can’t make it, but they can still place an order with you and you will still benefit from their sales. For the friends who can’t come, ask them to visit our website and ask them to jot down the name of the product and price, give you the money and their sales will go towards your party so these orders help increase your free jewellery.

Will too many people come and I wont have room to fit them in if I invite everyone?
Peoples lives are really busy especially with familys and children to look after so unfortunately people will drop out last thing so if you invite more, then you will end up with the right number of people.

Should I send out invitations?
We will give you some bespoke invitations to send out making your life nice and easy!

All you have to do is give them out and keep track of who can come. We can even email you an electronic invitation if this is more convenient.

How do my guests and I pay?
It couldn’t be simpler – you and your guests pay on the night for any products you may like, cash and credit or debit cards, we are sorry we no longer take cheques.


What should I feed my guests?
Don’t feel you need to lay on a banquet for your guests!  Jewellery and food don’t mix very well, so we would recommend you keep it simple. Tea, coffee and biscuits or nibbles are fine, or a glass of wine and dips – there is no need to do more as you will want to enjoy the night too.


How do I get lots of free jewellery?
You will receive a “thank you” gift of 10% of sales* free to spend on our delicious collection.

*Parties must be over £100.

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